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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

The art of photography surprises me everyday because of mini shoots like this are only around half an hour but produce some of my favorite work. Riley is an old high school friend that reached out to me about doing an on the fly mini session with his girlfriend Sophie. It was so impromptu that Sophie's mother thought her and Riley were running away to do an engagement session and was alarmed because she wasn't aware of it! Time wasn't on our side as I had to work in approximately an 2 hours, but it was perfect because I wanted to get out and get some photos in anyway so I would have something edit when I wasn't making coffee, so I was naturally all over it.

In just a little over a half an hour, I got to catch up with Riley, get to know Sophie, and also get to know them both as a couple. One of my favorite things about photography is those moments when the people your with tell warn you that their awkward and don't know how to act in front of a camera, but then they end up creating such stunning art in the way they jump out of their pictures. Riley, Sophie, and I will probably end up getting some ice cream at some point because this was just to dang fun, and we got also got some sweet photos out of it for their "engagement session"... haha!

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