• Ivan Wognin

Classic Affairs at the Lake House

Twisting and turning on the road to the lake house. This was different. I've done the drive to the lake many times in my life, but this lake and this day was different. Zach and Monica's September affair in Waterville, Minnesota was a day made in preparation from the sway of the cloth on the arches to the tent that may or may not have taken a village to pitch. Monica waited in anticipation to marry the man that she had done life with for so long. Only, she awaited by the window to join him not in simply relationship, but in union. Zach was steady and ready. He didn't miss a beat. He didn't take his eyes off his bride as she walked up to him. Next thing, they were married. This storyboard is one of two people in love. No questions, no concerns. This storyboard documents the preparation, the anticipation, and the union that was under God. This is Zach and Monica.

I was so grateful to make such strong connections with the family and friends present in such a short time. I am so grateful for these two!

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