• Ivan Wognin

Authenticity ​Done Right

It rang loud and clear. I had a mission, and I was going to make sure it was complete. Tim and Vanessa told me that looking back, they wished their wedding photos were less posed, less structured, and more authentic. In all of our meaningful conversation together this statement stuck out among the others: "authentic moments". This is a phrase that gets thrown around in the photography world a whole lot. When I started capturing moments, I would use this word and not really understand what it meant. I'm sure I just witnessed it somewhere on an instagram post. These two allowed me to see that, while perfection on this mission of capturing real moments is never complete, aiming to serve couples by allowing them to be as goofy or as intimate as their hearts desire is what I live to capture. Photography is an art, but only if our mission as photographers is to create a space for those wildly in love, those going off to college, or those looking to capture their life at home to be themselves and tell their stories.

So let the couples kiss. Let them run around and play tag. Let the love go on.

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