The Full Story

Relationally-driven. That is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think about how to let you into my world to get to know me. As you have probably seen being here on this website, I have always had a heart for connecting with people and making friendships beyond my work or my endeavors. This might just be my southern routes as I am from Buford, GA or the fact that I grew up an only child and an extrovert; either way, making sure everyone feels like a best friend drives my life. I moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 2015 and continued to try to live out this heart for connecting with people. I am involved in ministry as a youth leader as well as a worship leader at Burning Hearts Church. These areas allow me to love on people and call out the gold or value in them. That being said, when I picked up one of the talents I've always wanted to possess and started snapping pictures, I wanted to make sure that I was doing the same things I do in my line of work in this passion career of mine.

 This is where my passion for photography comes in. I want to be your biggest hype-man in the little way that I can, and in terms of documenting your story, I have always had a love for creativity. Being an only child, I was given the space to create imagination from my own hands with no interference. This was the castle I created in my mind that was really my parent's modest white house. This was also the wacky orange juice and syrup concoction I made when I pretended to be cooking show host. I was the kid who was always drawing in the margins of his notes. Now in my adulthood, being a photographer, I thoroughly enjoy being able to create frames for your storyline through photos and would be honored to be apart of your story. This is Ivan Amssan Photography. This is Ivan Wognin, this is my story.  

All things considered, I would love to CONNECT with you and have a phone call or get coffee and learn more about you and why you're here! So, if this excerpt of my story makes you think that I might be the right fit to be apart of your story, Fill out the contact form below if you are interested in learning more!  Thanks for reading and oh... thanks for being here! 

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